About Snow Safety & Consulting

All Snow Safety & Consulting technical staff are members of the Canadian Avalanche Association.

About Us

Snow Safety & Consulting offers a complete range of snow avalanche consulting services to all industries. We have experience working with a wide variety of interest groups to ensure worker and public safety while maintaining access and minimizing disruptions due to snow avalanches. Snow Safety & Consulting holds 40 years of experience in avalanche planning and operations. We thrive on providing the best possible solutions to unique projects throughout Canada.

Commitment to the Environment

Much of the work undertaken by Snow Safety & Consulting is in or near sensitive natural environments such as fish bearing creeks, goat and bear habitat. As a result, Snow Safety & Consulting takes a proactive approach to environmental protection and maintains high standards in this domain.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing the best product for clients at all stages of a project. Whether in assessment, consultation or while conducting avalanche control in the field. Exceeding industry standards is our objective. While training of consultants often far exceeds this level, all Snow Safety & Consulting technical staff are trained by and maintain membership with the Canadian Avalanche Association. All technical staff maintain an 80-hour occupational first aid certificate.

Our Partners